Wednesday, 28 January 2015


How are you? So having raised pups before I was under a false sense that it would be not only fun but somewhat easier as I've already done it before. Well yeah feel free to have a good laugh at that one :) its all coming back to me really quickly. It takes up so much of my time and I don't mind it as I love spending time with him but it stops you getting things done :). In all fairness he is a very good boy and so very smart, loves to learn and it does that with ease ( I expect that's the poodle in him). I am just obsessed with him and himself with me which is nice, he definitely sees me as his mum and if he's a little scared or unsure he quickly runs and sits next to me.
And he is funny, very very funny and of course handsome :), love that cheeky face :)
In his first week he has mastered sleep through night, long car journeys, we spent the weekend in London and he slept through the three hours journey there and back (Luca adores him), no messing in the house at all ( I can count of both hands the number of accidents we had), he can sit, he can down, he can give and fetch the ball. 
And then I had to leave him behind yesterday as I am on my way to Orlando for Stampin'Up!'s last leadership event. 
He went back to the breeder until next Monday and I miss him so much already :(. I cannot wait until I see him again.
But anyway you are here to see some crafty makes and I have a New Home card to show made with a fabulous FREE stamp set.

 This stamp set is called You brighten my day and it has a few different images that are cute and perfect for a few occasions.

I chose the houses stamped in black and coloured using the blender pens and ink pads. Oh and did you spot the fun filter paper ruffle? Add a bit of something without being inner face. 
This post is short as I am off to board a plane in a minute but as always if you fancy anything my online store is open 24/7. And if I can help you in any way please get in touch :)
Much love and many thanks for your visit

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Monday, 19 January 2015


Hello everyone,
I hope you weekend was lovely. So last time I talked to you I was giddy with excitement as little Olly was about to join us.
Today I am formally introducing him :)
These photos were taken straight away after we got home. I decided to just leave him explore on his own without to much input from me and he did just that with no problem. 

The patchwork corduroy moose was the first thing he picked out of his toys, three days later it is still his favourite, I guess because of its size he can easily carry it while he dashes about :)

He has settled in really well so far a bit to well to be honest. Very confident and fearless pup eager to learn, so far potty training is our forte. Can count on one hand how many accidents he had in the house and they were all our fault.  
We are still mastering the sleep though, the score for the first 48 hours is 
Olly = 36 hours sleep
Me= 5 hours sleep
Last night everyone had 7 hours sleep !!! 

So there you have it our 6"tall Olly the cockapoo pup, every bit as cute as these photos and already I love him lots !!! Thank you for your visit 

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