Tuesday, 14 February 2017

So In Love Wedding Invitations

Hello,  and Happy LOVE Day to you :)

I hope you have been showed love in some way today even if you are not in a relationship. I have been busy making some invitations for hubby's daughter who is getting married later on this this year.

They wanted something simple but elegant and I am really pleased with how they turned out. Bonus the bride and groom liked and approved the design so it was all go this weekend and finally finished them today.

The card is Basic Gray and I used the fabulous Delicate Details Thinlits from the So In Love Bundle . Its a beautiful thinlit and I was worried about it not coming out cleanly, but its been perfect and worked really well, didn't have to struggle once to get a sharp cut.

A few of our sparkly rhinestones were added for each invite and they were just the finishing touch needed. 
So glad I finished them though as they did take a while, and if you have ever done anything repetitive you know that it gets a bit meh after a while.
What do you think of them? would you like to undertake a wedding stationery job? Not sure I could do it LOL
Now that I am finished, I can go back to some more Studio planning. I have been out of my mind thinking and planning every inch of storage, cabinetry, colours you name it. Also keeping me up at night was choosing the right tables for the classroom. I never knew that there will be quite as much planning work involved. 
And to help me visualise it all, I resorted to our grid paper and coloured pieces of paper to act as furniture( I tend to always do this before buying furniture for any room) . 

The room is a decent space at 7 m long by 3 m wide, however it soon fills up and it feels ridiculous to me to say that I wish it was slightly bigger when for all my crafting life I was stuck with my stuff in a wardrobe then in the tiniest bedroom but I just wish it was 50cm wider LOL. Still, to have this much space available will be such a luxury. I cannot wait. 

The yellow pieces are the permanent units around the perimeter, the brown sofa is our outdoor one that will move there for hubby to watch TV if the rugby is on at the same time as some of my programs LOL. The orange piece is a movable island that will be my working station which I can move out of the way in the place of the sofa when I teach classes. I feel this arrangement will allow us to use the room for other things and offer maximum flexibility. 

I should be able to fit 12 comfortably around the large tables which is a great number for a relaxed class. The chairs will stack to take less room when not in use. 


I am most excited about my crafty storage as well.  I have been working closely with the lovely Rod from Creations By Rod to have a wall of bespoke units to fit my needs, all my papers, inks and stamps will be within easy reach behind the island. 
I have loosely drawn these on as well LOL 

What do you think ? You have any ideas for me on craft organisation that works really well for you that I should consider myself ??  Would love to hear from you..
Right I will love you and leave you, hope you have something fun and crafty planned for tonight. Till next time xoxo.
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  1. I am sure it is going to be amazing x

  2. I can't wait to see photos of it and one day visit for real hopefully.

  3. Gorgeous wedding invitations Monica

  4. How exciting Monica. Love your graphs, and I think it is important to do that. One other thing I did a few years back when designing a kitchen was to measure out the size of the cabinets on the actual floor with masking tape and walk around it for a few days, as that gives you a bit of a feel for how much room you will have to move around. I have been watching your progress and hope it all goes smoothly for you.
    The wedding invitations look delightfully elegant - you've done a great job.

  5. Looks great! If the storage cupboards go right to the ceiling you might want to consider a small set of folding steps for easy access....


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