Sunday, 1 March 2009

Do you believe in FAIRIES?..

... I do, and I am so glad I believed in this one. With lightening speed Emily designed the most fabulous new look for my blog and I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT !!! She is extremely good at reading you and what I ended up with is sooooo very ME. OTT, LOUD but lovely at the same time. Now if you re struggling getting that professional look to your blog/website either because you not sure where to start or purely because you've not got the time let Emily do all the hard work for you, she is extremely professional and nothing was too much trouble, her comunication was excellent inspite of my numerous requests for changes (I doubt any of her clients would be as demanding as me LOL, what do you think Em?) . She truly is a fairy and she made my wish come true, I am thrilled with my new look lovely FAIRY, thank you so very much. xxxx
I am still tweaking things around so please bear with me, but meanwhile I would love to know what you think about my fancy dancy new look? Hugs M xxx
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Susan said...

It's great very YOU with the colours & design. She is a fairy isn't she! Were you blogging @ 3 am?
Love Susan XX

jajeem said...

Hi Monica,

It is just great. Vibrant, like you!!

Greetings from Sweden


Trace Dee said...

Monica this is fantastic she is deffinatly a fairy in disguise.



Nicci said...

Love the new look its fab! x

Alex said...

Like the new blog look Monica and your new version of About Me info :)

Alex x

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

Ooh, I see the Dracula bit!I'm a bit scared-(would do Dracula laugh if I could but can't!).
Fab makeover and as for you being demanding-Emily's not met me yet!! Glad you're pleased Monica and hi to Nico-glad he gets a mention!!

Cath Chapman said...

WooWoo ! I thought I had logged on to the wrong blog !
Its FABULOUS darling :D

About Me said...

very snazzy Mon. Love it and will be going to look at her site when I leave here.

Emma xx