Tuesday 17 September 2013

My Third and Fourth PapeRieTreats…..

Hello there, I am back to normal blogging after a week long of Retreats :). This September I ran two PapeRieTreats, one starting on Sunday evening and finishing on Tuesday afternoon then back at it on Friday and end second session on Sunday afternoon.
And just like always, we had such a fabulous time. The charming Monk Fryston Hall feels very much like a second home and the staff (same staff) looked after our every wish in the same discreet but very efficient way. All of the staff get so excited when they know we are there next, they take a real interest in what we are doing and every member of staff knows our schedule by heart.
It’s definitely a special place, one very dear to my heart and not only because of its charm although that helps,  A LOT (have a look at these images).
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The time spent there pretty much follows the same pattern, we eat far to much yummy home cooked foods ( think home baked warm rolls each meal, cooked to order full English breakfast’s, afternoon tea’s and it goes on and on), craft A LOT, sleep far to little and laugh until our belly’s can’t take it anymore. BUT we wouldn’t have it any other way, its perfect the way it is and the positive anonymous feedback proves it.
And this year like last time we kicked it off with a glass of pink Champagne ( I collect Champagne throughout the year when it is on offer and pay the hotel corkage), followed by a little introduction and a yummy cold and hot buffet.
As we entered the room, the candles were lit and everything looked pretty. I bought plain black pop up bins for everyone this time round and filled them with some of the product and essentials they needed.
champers roommy spot binspillow gifts   centres
I used the fabulous Thankful Tablescape Kit to make the name badges, decorate the candles for the centrepieces and first night’s pillow gifts.
Carol the superstar that she is, cut by hand what felt like millions of leaves for the grape vine rings. They were stamped with the Magnificent maple stamp and added to the rings with glue dots. I have also found some really cute wood sliced rings which I added to the dishes all around the candles.
And our first project were a few projects :). We all got to make at least one Card in a Box and a matching gift holder using the Pop n Cut’s platform or otherwise known by the name of Pop Tart die (don’t ask LOL)
step 8  step 9
step 16
I have to give Netty my sweet downline some cred here, as she was the one who introduced me to the card in a box concept. I saw a photo of one she has previously made with a friend of hers so I set to work and adapted it for our first project. You all know I do not do fancy, however I am so glad I did this time as it was well received  and even i enjoyed making them. The card folds flat posting and the back panel has all the space needed for your message.
Everyone chose which version to make first and if afterwards they still had some energy left they got to make the second one.
I left the room at 1 am ready for my bridal suite bed :) I always get the bridal suite when I am there(is the room with the four poster bed in the above pictures).
Want to join me for our next PapeRieTreat?
Save the dates and get in touch to reserve your place today
16-18 March 2014 (20 places available)
21-23 March 2014 (only 15 places available)
I will have more details including prices by the end of the week but for now if you do not want to miss out get in touch and reserve your place today.
email me at telemech01@aol.com
Speak soon, thank you for your visit and as always Big hugs xx
I shot a tutorial for the card in a box you can see it below  
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  1. Wow Monica it looks like you all had an amazing time!

    Is there a link for instructions for those beautiful 'card in a box'?

    Fantastic projects :)

  2. Looks fab as always and my two chums report that they had a fabulous time!

  3. It's a good thing your projects were so, so amazing, because with those BEAUTIFUL surroundings, I'm not sure I would have gotten anything done. Hmmm, I wonder what my husband would say if I told him I was flying to England to attend your next retreat....????

  4. All I can say is WOW!!! What a beautiful place to have a retreat. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  5. What a fabulous place for a retreat!

    Are you able to share with us instructions for the beautiful snowflake 'card in a box' project? Ot where we can go to find it - have tried to do a search but nothing comes up - LOL!

    Many thanks for sharing your retreat!

  6. What a fabulous place for a retreat!

    Are you able to share with us instructions for the beautiful snowflake 'card in a box' project? Ot where we can go to find it - have tried to do a search but nothing comes up - LOL!

    Many thanks for sharing your retreat!

  7. What an amazing place for a retreat!

    Are you able to share with us instructions for the Snowflake 'card in a box' please? I have tried to search for similar things, but nothing is coming up - LOL!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing such lovely projects.

  8. Your projects are beautiful! I would love to know how to make the cards in a box. Will you be sharing instructions?
    Thanks so much, Cindee

  9. Your pictures make me wish I was there with you, it looks so lovely. What a great venue you have. Would you have the instructions for us lovely ladies Down Under so that we might be able to share in the wonder of those fantastic boxes? I don't think my DH would come at the airfare to England & the camp... LOL!

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  11. Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto. Bravo Ă  vous.


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